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Future Intelligence is a team of professionals specialising  in  overall  Child Development; enhancing   their  Learning  Abilities , Mind Power ,  Life   Skills   for  a  Perfect   Career  in  Academics, Sports, Creative Field & also help them  in  each  phase  of  their  life ;  aligning with their Innate Potential ( Inborn Talent ), Acquired Talent,  Behaviour, Psychology & Skill  Sets. Our  Programs  are  based  on Japanese Technology & Techniques developed by Neuroscientists.

DO you know ?

Types of Intelligence


There are 8 types of Intelligence & 19 Sub Intelligence. Do you know which Intelligence is strongest in your child ? So that you can groom your Child's career in that Direction.

Sensory Science


For Grasping Power of MIND, our Sensory Organs play a very Vital Role. Children majorly dont use their potential sensory abilities except eyes. With our techniques the child can use all sensory abilities to the maximum.

Types of Quotient


There are 4 types of Quotient : EQ, IQ, CQ & AQ. Do you know which is the strongest Quotient in your child ? So that it helps the child to face the challenges in life in the Best manner.

Why future intelligence ?


Dedicated Team of Experts

We have a Dynamic Team which is into constant Research & Development to meet the ever changing requirements of this fast paced world. We believe that in today's stressful & competitive scenario, child should focus on his Strengths & Manage the Weaknesses. Pursue what is Best Suited for your child !

Our Forte

We have Scientific Tools & Softwares which help in identifying the Core Talents of a child and accordingly zero down on the Best Career options. We believe that a child should pursue his passion ; because its not the money but the Job Satisfaction, Contentment & HAPPINESS that will ultimately matter in the long run

Our Results & Softwares Analysis

Our results enables you to understand your child's potential. Our programs boosts their inner strengths to live  successfully in their journey called Life. Please visit sections related to Our Programs & Our Analysis to know more about our Methodology.

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